Personal Property Insurance

Every person keeps valuable personal items and articles. Examples of personal properties are jewelry pieces, notes, books, important documents, and other miscellaneous items. Though little or seemingly unnecessary, these items are valuable and also needs personal property insurance coverage.

Students especially are the most vulnerable to personal property loss. Every year, college students lose millions of dollars worth of personal property. They lose calculators, stereos, cameras, personal computers, books, furniture, clothes, and other personal items by fire, theft, water, or vandalism. Because most students stay in dormitories or share rooms with other students, the risk of personal property loss or damage is greater. Having personal property insurance can protect students from the costs of having to replace the lost or damaged item.

There are quite a few insurance companies that provide personal property insurance policies. Provided below is short list of these personal property insurance companies. Also included is a short outline of these companies’ personal property insurance policies and their key features.

National Student Services Incorporated (NSSI)

 NSSI offers personal property insurance policy for college students. For greater affordability, NSSI sells their personal property insurance policy to students for a few pennies a day. Their personal property insurance policy is recognized at over 1000 colleges and used in several universities in the United States.

 NSSI’s personal property insurance plan protects the student’s belongings whether he lives on campus or not. Also included in their property insurance policy is $1,000-automatic liability coverage. This added benefit of the NSSI personal property insurance pays for any loss or damages of which the insured is responsible. For instance, an accident occurs due to the insured’s negligence, the NSSI personal property insurance will cover up to $1,000 of the hospitalization costs.

Ancillary Campus Services

 Offered by Auxiliary Services Corporation at SUNY Cortland, the student personal property insurance of Ancillary Campus Services offers primary coverage to protect the personal property of college students. This student personal property insurance is administered by Haylor, Freyer, & Coon, Inc. and is designed to protect college students from loss or damage of personal property while residing in halls, fraternity or sorority houses, off-campus apartments or houses.

This personal property insurance policy had deductibles that start as low as $50 so students can afford it. Also, Ancillary Campus Services’ personal property insurance policy even covers students who go abroad.

Clements International

 Clements International is one of the few insurance companies that offer personal property insurance abroad. Their international personal property insurance covers the cost of damaged items during the relocation process or while you are in your foreign residence.

The international personal property insurance of Clements International is separated into two plans. The first personal property insurance plan covers transit and destination costs. The second personal property insurance plan is solely for destination coverage for professionals who are already living abroad.

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